Tips and Tricks for TV Beautiful Skin & Hair

How to be #TVReady ✨

Using Protective Styles to Maintain Healthy Natural Hair

We all know that caring for our natural hair can feel like a job sometimes. One way to keep you hair healthy without having to work too hard is utilizing protective styles. Protective styles keep your hair safe from the elements outside, and allow you to let your hair rest and grow. Even though you don't have to manipulate your hair while it's in a protective style, you still have to make sure it's taken care of. Be sure to keep your hair moisturized and lock in the moisture with TV Beauty Co. hair oil. Also, switch up your styles every few weeks to avoid weakening your edges, and get trims regularly to avoid split ends and breakage.

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Aloe Vera

Natural Toners to Keep Your Skin Tone Even

Aloe vera and apple cider vinegar (with "the mother") are two wonderful all-natural toners to keep your skin tone nice and even. To make the apple cider vinegar toner, mix three parts water to one part apple cider vinegar in a bottle and you're all set. Shake well before applying to clean skin with a cotton pad, then follow up with aloe gel. Do this twice a day and watch those dark spots fade away! Be sure to use your favorite moisturizer after using the ACV mixture and aloe gel for optimal moisture. If you use fresh aloe leaves, be sure to rinse off the residue before moisturizing.